Hi & welcome to NMJMarketing.com!

NMJ Marketing is Nigel, Moragh & Jonathan Pitt. We live in the UK and we’re taking a journey to see if it’s possible to create an income using the internet.

We’ve dabbled in the past but it’s now time to get serious. We’re┬áthinking about relocating and will lose one income in the process so we need to replace that with something else and as we want to get away from the rat race, then it’s time to see what can be done from home using a computer.

So join us as we share our journey with you. You can share in our highs and lows and learn from our successes and failures, as we’re going to share it all with you – the highs and lows, the good and bad.

We may recommend products that we find work for us but we’ll also tell you of any products that didn’t work for us and why they didn’t.


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